My Favorite Quotes
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 Phyllis Kozarsky - “People have the sense they're going to New York for the weekend, or next door, when really they're on a floating biological island,”
 Phyllis Kozarsky - “It's incredibly expensive if you're overseas somewhere and you become ill or have an accident and you want to be medically evacuated, ... That can cost in the range of 100,000 if you or your family were to pay for that.”
 Phyllis Kozarsky - “If you're a VIP executive from some company and staying in a five-star hotel in Bangkok and just going to meetings there or at your company office there, then your risk is very, very different from a student backpacker in college,”
 Phyllis Kozarsky - “Some health care providers say, 'Oh my gosh, exotic place, developing world, we'll give them everything,' when they don't really need it,”