My Favorite Quotes
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 Viktor Kozlov - “It's going to be a war. We know these games are always tough.”
 Andrei Kozlov - “Sometimes he screamed at them too much, but it was coming from his heart.”
 Viktor Kozlov - “I know every time these countries meet it is a battle and it will be a war. That is the way it has been in the past and I do not expect anything different.”
 Andrei Kozlov - “The time has come for these changes to be put into practice and not only talked about.”
 Viktor Kozlov - “It's not in my hands to control these kind of things, so it's not disappointing.”
 Viktor Kozlov - “Our confidence is coming back and that's a big part of our (winning streak). The shootout is like the lottery -- you never know.”
 Andrei Kozlov - “The family was a team. All the children were very good. He maybe had a chance for two children to be among the top 10 in the world.”
 Andrei Kozlov - “Is it abusing children Is it practice Is it military”