My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Kraft - “Kraft said in a statement. ''At that point, I decided to give him the ring.”
 John Kraft - “We have a pretty good idea of why we are where we are.”
 Michael Kraft - “If these are not acts of war, they are a pretty good imitation.”
 Robert Kraft - “If that's what they say, I will say this I'd want him to represent my side in labor negotiations. The players should be thanking him. Actually, they should be genuflecting.”
 Dave Kraft - “I'm running for what I believe in, not to compare myself to anyone. I'm just going to say what I'd like to see done. I'd like to be as positive as I can and offer some leadership skills.”
 William Kraft - “You never write down to the people - you write the best you can with the hope that someone else will feel the same way.”
 William Kraft - “If I think something is beautiful, there must be somebody out there who will agree with me.”
 William Kraft - “I also like to involve the conductor. He needs to respect the piece and be involved in doing it, and the players should be involved in doing it.”
 William Kraft - “When you go to the theater, if you're really involved in the play, you don't think about it - you're in it.”
 Greg Kraft - “We thought Amy could win. There was no more courageous person than Amy.”
 Chris Kraft - “Sugar has been in a strong up-trend for some time now.”
 Greg Kraft - “It's also a time to really assess where you are physically.”
 Stephanie Kraft - “You need to have both schools on the books at the same time.”
 Robert Kraft - “Oh, absolutely. There was enough of us, and maybe a time and place for that. They got right to the point where they were overreaching. If that does happen, if you go over the border, you're going to have to go through some more of those tough times.”
 John Kraft - “The kids were really inquisitive, well-behaved, and genuinely excited about everything we were teaching them. I could see they were learning a lot today.”
 Robert Kraft - “We now have 32 owners, and everyone has their own agenda. We have to be careful that we keep a sense of tradition balanced with ... adaptation to the times we're in.”
 Chris Kraft - “The hurricane has been downgraded slightly, so prices will tend to ease, but they could just as easily head higher again if the weather forecast dictates,”
 Greg Kraft - “The men have the pieces there, we just don't have as many as on the women's side. I think that's really reflective to a certain degree that the women have 18 scholarships and the men have 12.”
 Greg Kraft - “The camaraderie is so much better in the women. It's the best we've had since I've been here.”
 John Kraft - “Our people don't usually need to come in the home so there's usually not a need for us to be doing that. We don't collect money in the field so if anybody approaches the house or approaches you with those kind of stories be sure to be a little skeptical.”
 Robert Kraft - “I think it's great. How else can you have 32 people feel part of the process”
 John Kraft - “They had to get everything from nature. You could only use what was in your own backyard.”
 Chris Kraft - “Basically you've got a bunch of traders trying to outguess Mother Nature -- aswe also recently did with crude-oil futures and the two previous hurricanes.”
 Robert Kraft - “Whoever comes in next will have a big challenge, but that's probably what they said after Pete Rozelle. I don't think people appreciate the management job he's done here. It's pretty special.”
 Robert Kraft - “I know what I dont know, ... I hire competent people and let them make decisions. In Bills case, he was someone who Id gotten to know as one of the smartest people Id ever met.”

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