My Favorite Quotes
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 Ray Kralis - “A nice feather in their cap to go out. In this strong academic conference, it is a great honor to be accomplished in the classroom and on the golf course. These two players set the bar high and are certainly very deserving of this honor.”
 Ray Kralis - “Samantha continues to have a phenomenal season. You almost come to expect it because she wins Golfer of the Week every other time she plays. It's amazing.”
 Ray Kralis - “We're looking really strong collectively. Our practices here have been solid and preparation for this event has been very encouraging. We are looking to take home yet another title.”
 Ray Kralis - “We understand what we need to do to get better before conference tournament time comes in April.”
 Ray Kralis - “There was obviously a lot of positives for us today. The wind was strong in the morning, and it was tough for scoring. I was pleased with the way the team responded in the second round and I think it helped our confidence heading into the final round.”
 Ray Kralis - “I think that Samantha has been taking it to a higher level all year long. Mentally, she's at a higher level and has developed on the golf course maturity wise to where she knows she doesn't have to be at her best all the time to compete and win. But she certainly goes into each event knowing that she has what it takes and never questions herself.”
 Ray Kralis - “We obviously didn't make the move we were hoping to make today. The opportunities were there but we really never got it going, and we didn't finish it off on the back nine. Unfortunately it didn't happen for us.”
 Ray Kralis - “The team is excited to be opening the season in Florida. It's a highlight of our schedule because of the accommodations, the golf course and the opportunity to play. Everyone is looking forward to the event and would like to get some revenge for last year.”
 Ray Kralis - “This tournament gives us the opportunity to move up and secure our spot in the rankings. There are teams behind us who are looking to move up as well. In the big picture we can't get caught up with who's in the rankings. We have to go and play the game of golf. The field is a motivating factor in terms of preparation, and one that we get fired up for in the schedule, but when it comes down to the competition, it comes down to playing one shot at a time and doing our best.”
 Ray Kralis - “I like the group we have going. This group has played against great competition on the national level and has a lot of confidence. It is the same group that has come off the course breaking records in the fall, and that will be huge in making this a tournament where we're just picking up where we left off, rather then starting over. We try to foster that mindset with the preparation we do on an indoor and outdoor basis, to go in feeling like we haven't missed a beat, but at the same time it's going to be a field that, if you are missing some beats, it's going to show up on the scoreboard.”
 Ray Kralis - “Overall, I feel that the team had a strong performance. The guys were able to hang around and not let the other teams separate themselves. I've got a real good feeling heading into tomorrow, knowing that we have five guys capable of getting the job done.”
 Ray Kralis - “It just sounds like it's going to be a great track. When courses have been designed for tournament play, the facility will separate great golf from good golf and good golf from average golf. It sound like a course that will punish you if you're not on.”