My Favorite Quotes
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 James Kramer - “As a group and as a generation from Centennial, there have been several people from my era who made tremendous contributions to Pueblo,”
 Jerry Kramer - “The ring was gone . Captain gets on the PA system, pleads with whoever picked it up to give it back, the stewardess goes up and down telling people. Nobody comes forth with it .”
 Sven Kramer - “If I get gold there, I'll be all set.”
 Anna Kramer - “Mount Vernon is supposed to be pretty good. They played some pretty tough teams last season. Their schedule was pretty tough.”
 James Kramer - “Those experiences made me aware of the grief process and helped me to recognize how important that is for the families that are left behind,”
 Marco Kramer - “It looks like GDP growth forecast risks might be on the upside.”
 John Kramer - “But we'd hope to get going earlier we needed this six months in advance. If that had happened, the pledges would be in hand and we would not be embarrassing ourselves to the Heritage Inn and others.”
 Jack Kramer - “We know that could have been any of us, and it's just really unfortunate that it happened to him. We just feel really bad for him, and we're going to try to keep in touch with him. You've got to have heart out to that kid, because he was just trying to play hard.”
 Larry Kramer - “We've built enough capacity to exceed any other planned event in the history of the Web.”
 Jerry Kramer - “Inside the Locker Room is a private, inside look at Coach Lombardi and the men who played for him. The locker room was a very private place you will hear tears, laughter, prayers and curses. That is the way it was, and my hope is that the listeners will feel that they were right there with us.”
 Chris Kramer - “I think it's a cool idea, but it probably won't get off the ground, ... There are a million nifty high-tech ideas that just don't catch on.”
 Wayne Kramer - “To preserve and improve (these properties) is the desired outcome. We want Elkhart's neighborhoods to be attractive and welcoming. The primary focus is to improve the quality of life.”
 Shlomo Kramer - “If you look at the fix they've published, there's not a lot of information at all. It's kind of unclear what's going on. They're not really giving enough information to customers.”
 Felix Kramer - “There is something magical about reverse directories. Making this information public is a healthy thing. And we are using technology the way it should be, by bringing together groups of sellers and buyers who now have no way to reach each other.”
 Heath Kramer - “Sleep. That is the biggest thing, when you are sitting in traffic for three hours coming there and back, that could be an extra three hours of sleep you could get. The fees also pay for the insurance, the mechanic, and the diesel.”
 Wayne Kramer - “It's really a film about screwed-up parenting - but done with good intentions.”
 Jerome Kramer - “Publishers are going to be taking advantage of the great interest in Harry to get people to consider other great titles, particularly both just before and after 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' bows June 21.”
 Larry Kramer - “We are thrilled to be bringing '60 Minutes' to an Internet powerhouse like Yahoo.”
 Heinz Kramer - “But such an invitation and such a stand leads to irritations with the EU.”
 Charles Kramer - “I was quite surprised at the harshness of the probation department's recommendation. Judge Davila going over and above that shocks me even more.”
 Miriam Kramer - “His rhetoric on everything has been this legislature is spending too much. He also has some pretty significant philosophical differences.”
 Wayne Kramer - “When we first met, I was trying to put a band together. I asked around at school for other guys who wanted to play in a band. Someone told me about a juvenile delinquent they knew who played bongos.”
 Wayne Kramer - “When I first started playing in a band, before the Beatles, working bands played standards and they saved their rock material til the end of the night when they were really stretched out. It could be pretty lame.”
 Wayne Kramer - “It wasn't a class system where I was the better guy and he was the second-rate guy. That was his role and my role was to play the solos. But he took great pride in his technique as a rhythm guitarist.”
 Wayne Kramer - “I hate that expression, 'fusion.' What it means to me is this movement where nothing ever really fused.”

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