My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Krannich - “Focus on things that are ... unique to the local area, especially hand-crafted type items,”
 Ron Krannich - “If your salary is not being raised for inflation each year, you are really being penalized.”
 Ron Krannich - “Talk the language of the employer -- which is the bottom line.”
 Ron Krannich - “There are a lot of myths out there... and a lot of people think the grass is greener on the other side. But once they do some research or quit and go somewhere else, they realize it's not all that different.”
 Ron Krannich - “You want to make sure you are protected against inflation, but that's a base line. A raise should be given for performance, not inflation.”
 Ron Krannich - “Shipping is really not a problem in most places. It's something that needs to be arranged, and once you figure out how to arrange it, a whole new shopping world opens up to you.”
 Ron Krannich - “It just depends on the country. But, generally, you cut the price in half or by 60 percent.”
 Ron Krannich - “There's nothing like a growing company in terms of optimism. But once it stagnates, it's a good sign you better start looking.”
 Ron Krannich - “If you are not a player in a company where politics are important, you may have to recognize you are out of the loop.”
 Ron Krannich - “A lot of people really do have the boss from hell. ...And that can be a good reason for moving on. But before you do that, you should really talk to someone in the organization.”