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 Carl Krauser - “This is an important stretch for us. All these games coming up are important. Our character will come out, how we play together. It will bring out the best in us.”
 Carl Krauser - “When we give the ball to the big guy, he's doing a lot of things in there. He's kicking the ball out to us.”
 Carl Krauser - “I had no idea I had 32. I just went out and played the game. Without Aaron (scoring), it's something different for us and we had to look to go with something else.”
 Carl Krauser - “I had no idea I had a career high until the game was over. It was just another game for me. I was just trying to help my teammates and to go out and compete as hard as I could. It's especially meaningful to get it in a Big East game, though.”
 Carl Krauser - “I just seen him hit the floor, cover his eye and holding it. I thought I hit him in his head because my finger is kind of swollen.”
 Carl Krauser - “They honored me on the big screen, so I thought it would be good to come down and get that shot.”
 Carl Krauser - “We're a little disappointed about the seed. We didn't think we deserved a No. 5 seed. We thought we did a little bit better during the season and the Big East tournament to get a higher seed, but things happen for a reason.”
 Carl Krauser - “I had a better feeling than I ever had coming into any game. I definitely thought we were going to win this game. It's just sad for it to end like this.”
 Carl Krauser - “I'm pretty disappointed. I didn't think we deserved a 5 seed. I thought we'd get a little better after the regular season and Big East tournament we had. But things happen for a reason.”
 Carl Krauser - “I definitely thought we were going to win this game.”
 Carl Krauser - “We stay together. We really enjoy crunch time in games.”
 Carl Krauser - “We stay together. We enjoy sticking together and playing in crunch time.”
 Carl Krauser - “I expected this. This is what I came back for. I told these guys that we wanted to be unbeaten now, and then go one game at a time in the Big East.”
 Carl Krauser - “I'm a tough competitor. But at the same time, we have a lot to learn from this and we're going to take a lot of positive out of this and we're going to get ready for the tournament.”
 Carl Krauser - “We're going to take it right to him. He's not going to block everything. We're going to right at him and hope to get him in foul trouble.”
 Carl Krauser - “When you're up that much, you have to understand that you have to keep playing through. We had to stay solid, stay together, and we did. We made plays, and we got a win.”
 Carl Krauser - “When you are up by that much you've got to understand that there is a lot of time left and you don't want to go out there and think the game is over.”
 Carl Krauser - “When you're up by that much you have to understand that you have to keep playing. There was still a lot of time.”
 Carl Krauser - “I can't believe it's my last game. Once they call my name and I walk out with my family members, it's going to be real emotional. I'm not going to cry, but I'm going to be happy to have made it this far.”
 Carl Krauser - “Everything felt right. I'm going to walk out of here thinking we should have won this game.”
 Carl Krauser - “It's just going to be another Big East game, tough and competitive. We all have great players and we just want to win and advance to the championship round. It's going to be something to watch.”
 Carl Krauser - “The other teams I played on were more keyed in on defense. The defense was going to bring our offense and that was it. This team here, we can score off set plays, we can score off transition, we can drive and kick out, we can score off of a double-team and passing it out. We have a lot of weapons to play with. We're just using them out there and it's helping us score points.”
 Carl Krauser - “If you don't know by now that we're for real, there's something wrong. A lot of people don't realize how good we are. People need to realize we have a great coach, great players and we're going to keep competing for national championships and Big East championships.”
 Carl Krauser - “I wanted to come back. I didn't meet all my goals. I wanted to come back and help these young guys. I felt I could come back and give these guys a lift. I didn't want to see a rebuilding year. I wanted to see a year where these guys learned. I wanted to be a leader. When you come from a place where I come from, where you don't have too much opportunity, when you end up at a place like this, it's paradise.”
 Carl Krauser - “I remember sitting up there in Kentucky just thinking I was so frustrated and mad that I wanted to help those guys out so bad. But now I get the opportunity.”

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