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 Carl Krauser - “It was a tough night for Aaron and me. We were both off. That can't happen, not at this time of year. Your stars have to be stars. Aaron and I are definitely the stars on this team. This can't happen again. We have to step it up. I'm sure we will.”
 Carl Krauser - “It was a rough shooting night. I rushed a lot of shots.”
 Carl Krauser - “It definitely is important. No one wants to play four nights in a row in the tough Big East. It's almost like playing in the NBA when you're playing against good teams night in and night out. It would be nice to have fresh legs for those games.”
 Carl Krauser - “We have the pin for the bubble. We're not going to let these guys come in here and ruin a Senior Night. You work too hard to lose on Senior Night.”
 Carl Krauser - “That's great news. I have his number and I'm going to be calling him.”
 Carl Krauser - “The group that we have is very passionate, and they love to win and play together. A lot of teams around the nation, they don't play together -- and I think that's what separates us from every team in the nation.”
 Carl Krauser - “Oh, yeah, I will, for sure. This won't get me down. You know that. I'll keep shooting and keep trying to make plays for my teammates.”
 Carl Krauser - “Oh yeah. We have a lot more guards this year. We're just going to push the ball and make them play hard on defense. I don't think the press will last too long, so it shouldn't cause that many problems.”
 Carl Krauser - “I've got six games left. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm trying to make it the most memorable, best last six games played at Pitt.”
 Carl Krauser - “I was just overanxious. In my mind, I'm a competitor and a leader, so the leader needs to step up and make big plays.”
 Carl Krauser - “That's my role as a senior leader. The young guys look to me in those situations and you don't want to let them down. That's why I want to do the right things and make the right decisions.”
 Carl Krauser - “Those guys are coached by a great coach and they're a great team. Great teams make plays. We stayed solid and stayed together and got a win.”
 Carl Krauser - “When you only have six or seven guys playing, it's hard to go against a team with 11 or 12 guys who can do things that starters do. That's the type of different look that we bring this year and that's what's going to help us make a run.”
 Carl Krauser - “I'm just glad we have the opportunity to learn from this now and not down the road. It's not a good time to get a loss, but it's a reasonable time.”
 Carl Krauser - “No one wants to lose two in a row. It shows you how important it is to play with team unity and to believe in your teammates. After a rough loss on the road, we came out and played together. We have guys who love playing together.”
 Carl Krauser - “You can't sit here and whine about a loss. Those guys played great. They got ready for us. We didn't play our game. We got away from the things that we do great. We came out way too anxious and we just lost.”
 Carl Krauser - “When you have a deep bench like we have, it's kind of hard to play against us. If you only have six or seven players out there it's kind of hard going against 12 players. All 12 guys can play and do everything the starters do. They come with great energy and compete so hard. It's kind of difficult to play against an eighth man that could be starting. That's a different look we have this year. That's the type of look that's going to help us have a good run this year.”
 Carl Krauser - “It was just bad decision-making on our part. The game was about turnovers. We had too many of them. You're not going to win a game with that many turnovers.”
 Carl Krauser - “My role as the senior leader is to make big plays and help my team win. I want to try and take this team as far as we can. I have to battle in the game. But this was a team win. We executed the offense and shot the ball from the field. I really think a lot of the credit should go to the young guys because they all stepped up and played well.”
 Carl Krauser - “You see teams like Duke playing well but at the same time we're another team in the Big East that's working hard we're giving great efforts on and off the court, just being solid student athletes. We're just going to try to stay on the path.”
 Carl Krauser - “I have to be honest. We were up early and ready to go. We just didn't execute on the court. As a result we lost the game.”
 Carl Krauser - “I don't think anybody else experienced the type of competition we had in the Big East tournament and in the Big East period. I think we'll be better prepared for the tournament than anybody else out there.”
 Carl Krauser - “It feels good to see your little brothers and the guys in the lower classes rising into great Big East players. I told ... those guys that I was proud of the way they're stepping up. I'm proud of my team, period.”
 Carl Krauser - “We should always stay with what's working for us. We shouldn't change the chemistry and flow of the team.”
 Carl Krauser - “The key in the game today was our turnovers. We did everything necessary except for maintaining our composure and taking care of the ball like we have in the past couple games.”

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