My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Krein - “I fished Saturday and it was very good on the racetrack between Camano Head and Hat Island.”
 Gary Krein - “Fishing on Sunday was great, and Saturday it was tough in the Double Bluff area on south west side of Whidbey Island. The racetrack (between Hat Island and Camano Head) and Saratoga Passage has definitely tapered off from two weeks ago.”
 Gary Krein - “It's tough. For over a week it's been very tough fishing. I don't know what the story will be ultimately, but it needs to turn. I'm hoping they're going to be late.”
 Gary Krein - “We had a fair weekend in the Useless BayDouble Bluff area. There was a lot of traffic up there. Everyone was obviously having trouble where they had been fishing. Saturday was good. Saturday was scratch fishing.”
 Gary Krein - “I wouldn't say it's a slam-dunk, but we've found fish everywhere we've fished. We fished Possession Bar on Sunday morning and didn't get a legal fish, so we went over to Double Bluff and did OK. But I heard Possession did come on at the same time, on the low tide.”
 Gary Krein - “The winds were pretty strong to fish Possession Bar, but you could have fished at places like Point No Point.”
 Gary Krein - “We averaged one or two fish on each trip this past week, and we fished Columbia Beach and Possession Bar. Some bait finally showed off Possession.”
 Gary Krein - “I know a person who made three trips this past week in Saratoga Passage, and got five hatchery-marked fish on every trip.”
 Gary Krein - “I got out Sunday and Wednesday morning for a couple hours, and we found black mouth every time in Saratoga Passage.”