My Favorite Quotes
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 Kendall Kreinhagen - “We've tried to push the tempo offensively, and I've seen the girls get more comfortable (with the strategy). Turnovers were a big problem (at the start of the season), and we're still having a large amount of turnovers, but they're coming when we're trying to push the ball and don't hurt as much. They're learning how to push the ball and score in transition.”
 Kendall Kreinhagen - “Best all-around player, one of the top players in the country.”
 Kendall Kreinhagen - “You're looking at Miss Basketball. You're looking at one of the best post players the state of Indiana has ever seen. The kid is so mentally tough and an outstanding basketball player. She's a great leader on and off the floor, (and) she's going to score nine out of 10 times if she gets the ball on the block.”
 Kendall Kreinhagen - “They're the type of kids that set the stage. These freshmen we have now, all they talk about is Sally and Sarah, Sally and Sarah, and the only thing they talk about in terms of basketball is how hard they play. They've set the stage high and, hopefully, we'll be able to keep that.”