My Favorite Quotes
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 Ryan Groskreutz - “We are a very renaissance band, we do everything very well. We're not just a pop girl band.”
 Olin Kreutz - “Some players have these subconscious movements that give away what they're going to do on a play. Sometimes I'll see that if a linebacker sets his feet in a certain way, it means he's going to blitz.”
 Olin Kreutz - “Things got out of hand. Something happened and it just got out of hand.”
 Olin Kreutz - “He had a great game against me last time, and because of the things he said about me I want to go out there and play against him.”
 Olin Kreutz - “You're shouting and listening at the same time. I've got to be aware of any changes Kyle makes, because that could affect what the offensive linemen do, too.”
 Olin Kreutz - “They are playing at higher level than they were playing, and we expect that from them. They're going to give us a better shot than they did last time.”
 Olin Kreutz - “Kyle Orton is our MVP for the way he played. But Rex is a veteran and our starter. I think everyone saw why today. He's a great quarterback.”
 Olin Kreutz - “The things he said about me, I want to go out and play against him. People like to play the whole game. Whatever the coaches decide, I'll go with it. But I don't think there's a right or wrong. It's right if you win the Super Bowl, wrong if you don't.”
 Olin Kreutz - “not a right or wrong guy in that whole situation. We're just both idiots.”
 Olin Kreutz - “That was, you know, four or five years ago.”
 Ryan Groskreutz - “It's kind of an odd combination because both the girls' voices are so shimmering and pretty, but the music is much more aggressive.”
 Ryan Groskreutz - “For me, that's why I'm so attracted to music. That's kind of my whole motivation to do what we're doing, so I can get up there and play every night.”
 Olin Kreutz - “Every other position has statistics or some basic measure of how they're doing,”
 Olin Kreutz - “The only way we can be right with all the decisions we make is if we win that (playoff) game. If we win that game, we'll be right. If we don't, we'll be wrong. That's for you guys to write about.”
 Olin Kreutz - “Everybody tries to take the run away from us, so I'm sure that's going to be their first priority. If they want to make Rex try to beat them, he can do it. So we're pretty comfortable with both.”
 Olin Kreutz - “Kyle's got to be it. You take a rookie fourth-round pick and just throw him in. He made plays when he had to he managed the offense. You can't play quarterback, not make plays and win games. He made a lot of good plays. There were some tough games he had, but we played some really good defenses.”
 Olin Kreutz - “Every loss stings. But of course a game like that hurts a little more, when you think you could have won it.”
 Olin Kreutz - “You want to keep some momentum going, move the ball a little bit, but we're not going to show them anything, so it's going to be kind of a preseason game plan. So I don't know how much we're really going to accomplish.”
 Olin Kreutz - “A lot of credit has to go to general manager Jerry Angelo and his staff. But nowadays in this league, with injuries and free agency, every year is a whole different year and you never know.”
 Olin Kreutz - “You definitely sense the calm in the huddle, ... Everyone knows their job.”