My Favorite Quotes
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 Herb Krickstein - “He could give Carolyn a good view on what kind of person she is, as well as her academic achievements.”
 Herb Krickstein - “A natural talent, OK, Dad, we are going to hand Morgan over to you to work on golf.”
 Herb Krickstein - “It's funny now. Hey, it's like her swing coach Martin Hall said, 'It's better to show up with no shirts than with no golf swing.”
 Herb Krickstein - “I think she's ready for it. She's very bright. She's well-spoken and seldom at a loss for words. She wants to know how everything about her career is going to work.”
 Herb Krickstein - “If she can get her schoolwork under control, she might consider going there.”
 Herb Krickstein - “She was just a little girl then. Everything was new to her. She's come a long way in that year. Now she's in the group that has a chance to win, and that's quite an accomplishment.”