My Favorite Quotes
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 Clint Kriewaldt - “That is something we'll talk about after the season. I'll worry about that when the time comes. I would love to stay here.”
 Clint Kriewaldt - “We get paid well, but this is what really motivates most of the players. Some guys might worry about the money more. But playing in the Super Bowl and winning a (championship) ring is what it's all about for most of us.”
 Clint Kriewaldt - “I kind of thought I wanted it, but I don't know that it's such good luck. We were never in this situation with Detroit, so I'll go with something new.”
 Clint Kriewaldt - “We realized how important it was for us to play well. We got back to basics. When we were struggling, we knew that was a wake-up call for us.”
 Clint Kriewaldt - “That was nice. You know, playing special teams is all about heart and desire. You just have to be reckless and throw your body around out there.”