My Favorite Quotes
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 Sergei Krikalev - “We worked six months trying to get the space station in better shape. We had a very interesting mission and I hope your mission is interesting as well.”
 Sergei Krikalev - “We want to say thank you, all of you. We are waiting for this flight for very long years, more than two years already.”
 Sergei Krikalev - “So nothing fancy, maybe simple stuff..we're missing regular, normal Earth food.”
 Sergei Krikalev - “We know a lot of people are working in mission controls on both sides of the ocean, doing the same job, trying to make the space station alive. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.”
 Sergei Krikalev - “Well it's a pity, we had it planned, I think we could have done it. If the decision is made, the decision is made.”
 Sergei Krikalev - “I don't think it was really isolation because we were talking to the ground almost each orbit. We were pretty busy, so I actually didn't feel myself isolated. And of course we had a pretty nice view of Earth.”
 Sergei Krikalev - “Massive black holes are usually known for violence and destruction, ... So it's remarkable this black hole helped create new stars, not just destroy them.”