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 Linda Kristiansen - “I think they have reasonably good locations in the Northeast. There'll be a bidding process, but it just seems like a good fit. They've been more aggressive than some of the others in the region.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “I think its too soon to say. I think we need a little bit more time to see where things settle. There are no precedents.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “I'm fairly bearish on the sector and I think industry sales will be weak throughout the end of the year and possibly even into early 2001. So I'm not recommending very many stocks -- just one stock, actually, in the group right now.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “So far the numbers have been on the soft side this month -- that's true across almost the entire industry. Everybody is blaming the weather.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “In a sure sign of its resurgence, most department stores have just finished moving the business off the main floor to the mezzanine or top floor.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “We believe overall sales performance was strong during the final week of the month and that July 4 business likely provided a boost to June results.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “They're gaining ever more share of women's apparel, which is a high margin business. They're growing rapidly at better than 20 percent in both square footage and earnings. In an environment where people are talking numbers, Kohl's could certainly meet the numbers and even exceed expectations, for example, in the third quarter.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “We remain skeptical of Sears' ability to turn around its apparel business.”