My Favorite Quotes
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 Kristin Hersh - “When Nirvana was selling records they dangled this carrot in front of underground bands' noses saying well you can be good and a millionaire.”
 Kristin Hersh - “We were raised to be here now, and to be compassionate, and that's all we took from it, too. Neither of us became particularly groovy people.”
 Kristin Hersh - “We didn't really swallow much of the Jesus thing, but we got the vocab.”
 Kristin Hersh - “To do it nationally or internationally, you have to follow a few more rules.”
 Kristin Hersh - “The songs become the show, which is how it should be.”
 Kristin Hersh - “MP3's are perfect.”
 Kristin Hersh - “It's not like touring with a rock band. I don't have any friends or equipment of volume on stage, just me. Just me and the chair.”
 Kristin Hersh - “If you're the band leader you ask more of yourself than anyone else, so they tend to raise the bar for me.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I grew up in a commune where no one considered me female, particularly.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I felt like it was a great secret when I found out that I could be in my 30s.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I don't like what the radio plays for the most part.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I don't like the idea of famous people.”
 Kristin Hersh - “Good taste - that's all you really need when you're playing an instrument.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I have a beautiful family and I'm in my favourite band. At the same time I don't recommend it. I never sleep and something is always suffering.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I guess I'll just slip into the studio after the next time with the Muses, and then just keel over and die.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I don't know what any of my songs are about, ... I don't know what I'm saying half the time, until I see it written down. It has to feel right coming out of my mouth. I can't be lying. If it sounds beautiful, that's what I need to hear.”
 Kristin Hersh - “Most of the younger people I knew didn't seem to have a handle on things they hadn't found their place, they didn't understand how the world works, they didn't understand how to treat other people, and they didn't know how to stop thinking about themselves.”
 Kristin Hersh - “Men are allowed to write songs about people and women are allowed to write songs about women.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I would go to radio stations and they were supposed to be interviewing me and playing my record and they would say, We're playing too many women right now, we can't play your record.”
 Kristin Hersh - “You have to follow every melodic line, every emotional idea, or you don't get your money's worth.”
 Kristin Hersh - “The songs keep on writing themselves, and I really love them. It's as close as I get to a religion.”
 Kristin Hersh - “My brother and I were meditating before we were 6 years old, having to stare at the wall and chant.”
 Kristin Hersh - “I'm beginning to think I have two years encountering sexism without really realising it.”
 Kristin Hersh - “We just want to play music that's the best it can possibly be. So we let them play their own games and market it however they can.”
 Kristin Hersh - “Popular music sucks so bad right now.”

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