My Favorite Quotes
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 Jamie Kritzer - “We mapped it with GPS, global positioning system, after some of the smoke had cleared out and we found it was smaller than we had originally thought.”
 Jamie Kritzer - “It got kicked back up today.”
 Jamie Kritzer - “Certainly, people can wait a while before burning their vegetation. We need a good, soaking rain -- really, a few, probably -- before people can breathe a little sigh of relief.”
 Jamie Kritzer - “It was just a scenario of where the winds changed. We would not have proceeded if we thought the wind was going to change.”
 Jamie Kritzer - “Yesterday, we would have said, 'No.' It was very dry. We had single-digit relative humidity and it was extremely dry.”
 Jamie Kritzer - “Heck, even when you put a burn ban in, that's not going to be the be-all, end-all. You're going to have people burning anyway.”
 Jamie Kritzer - “That is wonderful news given the proximity to some of the homes out there.”
 Jamie Kritzer - “We are studying the weather hard every day. If this weather model continues, it may become prudent for us to reconsider whether to have a burning ban.”