My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Krizancic - “I've coached 26 years, and he (Meyer) shoots the ball as well (as anyone I've seen). We do shoot the ball fairly well. We're shooting free throws at like 85 percent. It wasn't like a fluke shooting 3s. We had to (shoot well) tonight to win the game.”
 Bob Krizancic - “If I knew exactly why we shoot foul shots well, I would tell you. I think our kids work on it, and they know we like to get to the bucket, so if they get fouled, they have to be able to step up and make those shots. It is particularly critical in the tournament and late in games. We talk all the time about different scenarios and being able to step up at the line.”
 Bob Krizancic - “We played well defensively. We weren't going to give up any easy shots. We wanted to make them earn it every possession.”
 Bob Krizancic - “We knew they were athletic and William Thomas (33 points) is very good, so this is a good game for our kids to play and get a win. We didn't shoot the ball well or rebound all that great, so it is good to just get out of there with a victory.”