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 Neelie Kroes - “In the coming weeks and months the commission will launch individual antitrust investigations. We are just at the beginning of a period of more intensive antitrust enforcement.”
 Neelie Kroes - “Consolidation in the skiing equipment industry cannot be allowed to lead to higher prices, lower quality or less innovative products,”
 Neelie Kroes - “There is a complete lack of timely and reliable information for both competitors and consumers.”
 Neelie Kroes - “We have had informal complaints, and we are using our time now to look at them. We're not going to wait and do nothing.”
 Neelie Kroes - “The election of this excellent politician would be wonderful for the whole of Europe,”
 Neelie Kroes - “You can take this as a gentle word of warning, if you like. We are just at the beginning of a period of more intensive antitrust enforcement.”
 Neelie Kroes - “I have given Microsoft every opportunity to comply with its obligations.”
 Neelie Kroes - “I have given Microsoft every opportunity to comply with its obligations. However, I have been left with no alternative other than to proceed via the formal route to ensure Microsoft's compliance.”
 Neelie Kroes - “I think national champions are absolute nonsense. This rhetoric is extremely dangerous.”
 Neelie Kroes - “absolutely determined to ensure that Microsoft complies fully with the (2004 anti-trust) decision.”
 Neelie Kroes - “Most gas and electricity markets remain highly concentrated. This reflects the old market structure of national or regional monopolies. Incumbents often retain a firm control of the liberalized markets, each of them within its own traditional territory.”
 Neelie Kroes - “Banks are making too much profit and we will face them with the consequences on payment cards.”
 Neelie Kroes - “Persistent concentration is a core problem in the markets. So there can be no alternative to meticulous scrutiny of future merger operations.”
 Neelie Kroes - “The payment cards industry in Europe remains national and some local players are preventing competition from developing.”
 Neelie Kroes - “We expect that Microsoft will design Vista in a way which is in line with European competition laws.”
 Neelie Kroes - “Even though effective competition is the best tool to strengthen innovation and competitiveness in Europe, state aid can also play a very useful supporting role,”
 Neelie Kroes - “I am determined to use competition law to protect European industry and consumers.”
 Neelie Kroes - “I am determined to ensure that member states do not stand in the way of mergers falling within the commission's exclusive competence.”
 Neelie Kroes - “If there is no such innovation in the technology Microsoft describes in the technical information the company must supply to competitors, no remuneration can be charged by Microsoft.”
 Neelie Kroes - “We want to boost innovation in Europe, but not just by one company.”
 Neelie Kroes - “It is not acceptable for customers in one member state to pay the price for a company to become a bigger player in other member states. The ruling shows that in these cases it is essential that companies propose adequate remedies in order to guarantee sufficient competition from other firms.”
 Neelie Kroes - “After having considered all the arguments put forward, we concluded that, under existing EU merger control rules, the proposed deal does not have a Community dimension.”
 Neelie Kroes - “Financial support must truly target market failures or support the delivery of broadband in rural and remote areas. The Commission will ensure that state aid does not distort competition to an extent contrary to the common interest by crowding-out private initiative.”
 Neelie Kroes - “The solution we have reached will benefit football fans while allowing the Premier League to maintain its timetable for the sale of its rights. The new commitments will increase the availability of media rights and improve the prospect of competition in providing services to consumers.”
 Neelie Kroes - “It's interesting, and it will certainly get a lot of attention.”

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