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 Nancy Kroll - “She was scoring a lot of points. She was getting offensive rebounds. She is a great player. But my five very good players should be able to beat a great player on a good team. I think we proved that tonight.”
 Nancy Kroll - “She was scoring a lot of points, getting a lot of offensive rebounds. She is a great player, but I have five very good players that could beat out a great player, and that's what it was about.”
 Michael Kroll - “You just hope the other players can hold the ship. Our subs played real well.”
 Dwight Kroll - “It's difficult if not impossible to say who parks where.”
 Dwight Kroll - “We found it in the best interest of all parties if we separate parking on these two sites.”
 Dwight Kroll - “Land is at a premium in the area. We're going to be seeing a trend in these higher density developments.”
 Jeremy Kroll - “We believe the current charges do not appropriately reflect Brian's responsibility and that, when all the facts come to light, it will be evident that Brian's involvement is far more limited than has been speculated.”
 Nancy Kroll - “It was a great game. We had some foul trouble but we did a good job on the boards. We're pleased with the outcome.”
 Luisa Kroll - “The global economy has been growing the last two years at rates not seen since World War II, fuelled by a commodities boom with a whiff of inflation.”
 Luisa Kroll - “A billion just isn't what it used to be. There are now 793 billionaires. Three years ago there were only 476.”
 Luisa Kroll - “Russia continues to astound. For a long time there were questions about where they got their money ... but now the story is just the enormous wealth that is being created from strong commodities markets there.”
 Nancy Kroll - “We've played well. Very well at times. It all starts with the work ethic we bring to the gym every day whether it's a game or practice. We work hard and we make sacrifices.”
 Nancy Kroll - “Nobody likes to lose. There were a lot of tears in that locker room after the loss a lot of kicking of chairs. But I was glad to see they were upset. The fire's got to burn for us to reach our goal, which is to make it to state.”
 Nancy Kroll - “We were more focused and ready to play tonight. The girls had something to prove. The district loss may have been a wakeup call for us. It's very difficult to have an undefeated season.”
 Michael Kroll - “We weren't doing much against that zone. We needed to have more patience and reverse the ball a little bit more, rather than just one pass and shoot.”
 Jeremy Kroll - “The law certainly requires more than mere presence for someone to be guilty of a homicide. Merely being present for someone else doing an act that results in another's death, this is not sufficient to charge them with murder.”
 Glenn Kroll - “He wasn't a violent guy. He didn't even talk tough or macho. I've never known him to own any weapons. He was more like a family guy. He would take his daughters to dance lessons or go shopping and have parties for friends.”
 Nancy Kroll - “We really thought we'd have a better performance than this. We just didn't finish. Home court means everything and (Lake Gibson) played well. But we just didn't finish. It makes it hard to play well when you don't finish well.”
 Luisa Kroll - “While the United States still dominates this list, 2006 really belongs to some of the more emerging markets, and no country more than India.”
 Luisa Kroll - “While the U.S. still dominates the list, 2006 really belongs to some of the more emerging markets. And no country speaks to that more than India. With its stock market up more than 50 percent in the past 12 months, India is home to 10 new faces.”
 Glenn Kroll - “He was a real family man. Every Sunday he would cook up this big feast over at his house, and my wife and I would come over for dinner. His daughters were taking dance lessons, and he used to go to all the recitals. He was the type of guy who would make you feel good about yourself. You always got the sense that he was on your side.”
 Glenn Kroll - “Every Sunday he would cook big dinners at his house. He was such a storyteller. And I never saw him show a temper toward anybody.”
 Glenn Kroll - “He approached me and said he was thinking of going to law school. But then he told me what had happened, and I advised him that even if he made it through law school, he wouldn't be able to pass the New York bar because he had a felony conviction.”
 Jeremy Kroll - “It's very clear from the witnesses that Brian wasn't involved in striking any blows against Norris Gaynor. And, obviously, the concern is for somebody to be charged with an open count of homicide and not to have acted in any way to have caused that homicide, obviously, is troubling to me.”
 Nancy Kroll - “For a point guard, it's an excellent accomplishment. She has been our leader and our best ball-handler. She also usually guards the other team's best player.”

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