My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Krumpe - “It's a little disappointing because I felt we gave them two goals in the first half with a couple of mistakes. Against a good team, you can't come back generally (from) a 2-0 deficit.”
 Paul Krumpe - “I thought we played very well when we came back out in the second half. The third goal, that really finished us off, I thought was against the run of play.”
 Paul Krumpe - “I think the guys played well, they just didn't play well enough to put one in the back of the net. We live and we learn and we move on.”
 Paul Krumpe - “Josh is a very versatile player who could very well be a major contributor this fall. He has the ability to play wide on the left or the right and possesses some great physical attributes.”
 Paul Krumpe - “Our main focus of this recruiting class has been to bring in central defenders, add depth to our corps of forwards, and players suited to a wide midfield role. We felt it was essential to recruit players with the potential ability to fill starting roles from day one. With this class, I think we have certainly accomplished that goal. We also have added two very versatile attacking players.”