My Favorite Quotes
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 Larry Krystkowiak - “Guys are feeling pretty good, but it's on now. We've got 15 games before any postseason stuff, and there's not one game in that stretch that doesn't mean an awful lot.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “I can't say I'm excited or happy about the results, but I'm not disappointed that we can quit talking about mid-major polls, about hosting tournaments, winning tiebreakers and crap like that. We can just jump in and start focusing on trying to win the next game. When 14 (games) are over we'll see where we are.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “I think Jordan can be a great spark off the bench. This will give us a little different dynamic. Sharp leads our team in rebounds per minutes (played). And that's got to be a focus for us this weekend.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “It's going to be a good old-fashioned alley brawl for 40 minutes. We'll have our hands full.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “He's really, really good. We need to figure out a way to get him to the next level the sooner the better.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “We have to have that road mentality, where you're not going to win or lose in a 5-minute stretch. Just ratchet it up and stay disciplined and stay strong and hope at the end of 40 minutes you've made enough plays.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “It's a neat deal. He's brought some leadership this year and is working his tail off.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “A lot of those C-words aren't real predominant in my thinking right now, whether it's comfortable or confident or whatever. It doesn't seem to be my state of mind. It's that time of year where if you don't bring it you're not going to be playing.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “Today was the first day that I can remember in a lot of years that I needed a nap.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “Everything we had read said we were a 14- or 13-seed, so we were thrilled when we saw the number.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “I've never seen an offense so productive that's so packed together. They run a flex offense and the top two guys are at the free throw line, and somehow they manage to just school people. We can't be reacting to those cuts and those screens or it's going to be a long night.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “He's found his niche. Defensively he needs to make some strides, as do the other guys. I'm pretty happy offensively but the way you win championships is with defense.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “I don't really feel like there are mismatches in this league, especially when you're on the road. Weber's got some guys who can really play they just haven't put it together at the same time.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “There's no doubt. They're really good ... they just don't have any weaknesses.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “We can't lose sight of the fact that there's no doubt in anybody's mind involved in this game that they were a better team than us. We have to have the stars align and we have to hit open shots.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “There shouldn't be anything new for us, and that could open up the door for us.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “It's in the back of our minds but way out in the distance. Really, I don't think our focus has changed. It's certainly not an egotistical thing. We don't feel like we're above it. But I do feel a sense that we belong here.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “It's a sad day in the Big Sky. Mick's an icon there. He's a great guy and I wish him the best. I can't even fathom the commitment that he's given to that institution.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “We were sniffing around, at least at halftime, and got a taste of what some big-time basketball is all about.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “I know I wouldn't have wanted anything to do with him, in terms of guarding him. His center of balance is very low. He explodes up, and typically there's contact when he's making his moves. And most of the time ... he didn't move a whole lot when there was contact and we, unfortunately, were the recipient of that blow.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “We just didn't seem to have an answer (for Smith).”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “We gave up 12 offensive rebounds in the first half with Mr. Smith doing his damage inside. We just didn't seem to have an answer.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “I told our guys at halftime the most important thing is that we fought for 40 minutes. There are no moral victories to being ahead at halftime. I think the experience more than anything from last year helped us through this one.”
 Larry Krystkowiak - “It's somewhat of a daunting task we have ahead of us.”