My Favorite Quotes
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 Monica Kubena - “I had no idea what we would get. We should have known from being regular watchers of the show, but it turned out better than it ever could have been. And it's gone way beyond just the house. All the people that have made this possible for us.”
 Monica Kubena - “We were doing the interviews on the second day of taping. And the director pulled me to the side and said they had scholarships for all four kids. Two years at Wharton County Junior College and two years at the University of Houston-Victoria. One of the biggest worries a parent can have is paying for their children's education. And now we've got that covered.”
 Monica Kubena - “It happened five months apart almost to the day. For fraternal twins to both get this cancer is very rare. As I understand it, it is the first time fraternal twins were treated for cancer at the same time at Texas Children's Cancer Center (at Texas Children's Hospital.”