My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Kubinski - “I feel really comfortable with the way the guys are playing ... I think it will give us a great shot.”
 Jim Kubinski - “I think it's a great golf course. It's a great test of golf for us.”
 Jim Kubinski - “Just the name Augusta brings to mind thoughts of championship golf. I feel we are ready to start playing our A-game, and what better place to do it than Augusta, Georgia.”
 Jim Kubinski - “We had some stretches were we didn't play our A-game. I think we finally were able to play our best golf in the Big East championship, and hopefully we can keep that going.”
 Jim Kubinski - “They've kind of put their own individual aspirations aside and in some cases made some sacrifices.”
 Jim Kubinski - “Because they started playing as freshmen together and were in the lineup a lot since freshman year, they've been seniors for a long time.”
 Jim Kubinski - “After the first day, we knew we had to get out to a strong start and make some birdies. Since it was team golf, the 12-stroke margin didn't seem as daunting. We only had to make up three shots a person instead of 12.”
 Jim Kubinski - “He was around the hole all day, just never in. He was like Tiger Woods in The Masters Sunday. The shot making was there, but he just needed to make a few of those putts.”
 Jim Kubinski - “The only thing that kept us from winning last week is that we didn't make as many putts. I think we have to putt well, and I think we will because it's our second tournament in a row in the south east. If the putts drop, I think we are hitting the ball as well as anyone in the country.”
 Jim Kubinski - “With the field coming, we got a lot of good teams playing there. I think you're going to have to shoot some good numbers, you're not going to be able to just kind of put it in cruise control. We're going to have to play hard, and we're going to have to play well.”
 Jim Kubinski - “Beating Louisville was the best part of the weekend. They are going to be our top competition for the Big East Championship, so it was nice to finish better than them.”
 Jim Kubinski - “I'm going to approach it as business as usual. We can't have any distractions, and I think that would be kind of a distraction. We're just going to go there with business as usual.”