My Favorite Quotes
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 Leonid Kuchma - “Why do we go with our hand outstretched, and they always beat us on our hands by various conditions Didn't we know that it would be so when we were closing down Chernobyl”
 Leonid Kuchma - “Both sides succumbed to the temptation to attribute to oneself only glory and to accuse one's political rival of all sins, both unintentional and fictitious,”
 Leonid Kuchma - “I've already said it many times I'm a manager and have a factory manager's vocabulary,”
 Leonid Kuchma - “I want to note that the guilty must be punished. And just those, those with direct and full responsibility for the tragedy. Not the second-class, little men.”
 Leonid Kuchma - “I know there are some people who hate President Kuchma ferociously, because they have not managed to come to power and they will never come to power,”
 Leonid Kuchma - “If we don't end this phenomenon, how can we look the families of the dead people in the eye”
 Leonid Kuchma - “Ukraine that existed before the elections no longer exists. It has been split up into two sides with absolutely opposite opinions,”
 Leonid Kuchma - “we should not make a tragedy out of matters if it was a mistake. Bigger mistakes have been made.”
 Leonid Kuchma - “The guilty must be brought to justice, on this point there is no doubt,”
 Leonid Kuchma - “Such talks are accompanied by unacceptable preconditions and have no positive issue for discussion,”
 Leonid Kuchma - “would find with dignity a peaceful solution of this political crisis.”
 Leonid Kuchma - “I completely reject the term political crisis. There is no crisis as such because all branches of government are working normally... there are some minor political storms in the capital but in the regions, it's very quiet.”
 Leonid Kuchma - “We all realize we will have to introduce amendments to the current legislation in the country,”
 Leonid Kuchma - “forceful, revolutionary way, disregarding economic consequences.”
 Leonid Kuchma - “It is clearly understandable that negotiations are extremely difficult, ... It is hard to recognize what compromise can be reached, but I think, and others agree with me, that a compromise is necessary for Ukraine.”
 Leonid Kuchma - “The world has closed its eyes to the humanitarian catastrophe in Azerbaijan, where every seventh citizen is a refugee.”
 Leonid Kuchma - “In my opinion we need to stop these kind of air performances... People should do their military business and should train, not take part in these air shows,”