My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Kudla - “I thought I had it, but right after the guy from Denver said you tied it. I had 46 right there, but I couldn't quite get that last inch up.”
 Mike Kudla - “For them, it's got to be even more special. It's their first BCS game in quite some time. The stakes on it are huge.”
 Mike Kudla - “It's a huge challenge for us. We know we definitely have to get pressure on Quinn. We may not be able to hit him every time but we just have affect him a little bit.”
 Mike Kudla - “I definitely felt like we were getting after them. It seemed like we were hitting that guy a lot. He was having a tough time getting time to pass it.”
 Mike Kudla - “It's like two years ago. We lost two games but still won the Fiesta Bowl. It's been a great four-year career. You've seen a little bit of everything.”
 Mike Kudla - “We walked in yesterday and there are signs up all over in the locker room about the rivalry game and what it means and the tradition about it. It puts it front and center. You can't look past this one.”
 Mike Kudla - “Working with coach Johnson and those guys, when it came time to change things up to get ready for the combine, they were able to make a program that fit my lifestyle right away.”
 Mike Kudla - “He's tweaking things here and there. You really can't change the way you've ran for the last 20-something years. He does a good job switching things up. Something real subtle can make a big difference. We're doing shuttle, three-cone drills, a lot of stuff for speed and agility.”
 Mike Kudla - “When Oklahoma shut him down in the run, they made him one-dimensional and really made it tough on him. It's our job to shut down the run and make him throw it.”
 Mike Kudla - “It's a huge challenge for us. They all have experience, they all have played numerous games. They're smart. They know their schemes. They're solid. They don't make mistakes. We look at that as a challenge.”
 Mike Kudla - “Vince Young is definitely the heartbeat of that team. You've definitely got to contain him and you've almost got to make them one-dimensional and make them throw the ball on every down.”
 Mike Kudla - “You have eight weeks to get ready instead of eight months. But they make it easier. It's a give and take with them. It's a great blend and things are working out perfectly.”
 Mike Kudla - “It wasn't a pretty picture at all, but I always felt like I could do whatever it took to recover and get back to playing football. I don't remember everything from the worst of it, but I remember being kind of in and out because of all the medication I was on. It's not something you really want to remember.”
 David Kudla - “It needs to hit some home runs. You can cost-cut your way to profitability in the near-term, but you can't cost-cut your way to prosperity over the long-term.”
 Mike Kudla - “Forty-five is a pretty consistent number for me. It's neat to be on a stage like this and take advantage of the opportunity. Just going in there and showcasing myself to the scouts, I was kind of hyped up. I've always been gifted in weightlifting. I worked very well with our strength coaches at Ohio State.”
 Mike Kudla - “What good offenses all have is their ability to create big plays. Whether they're doing it running or passing, they're able to get defenses lopsided and be able to take advantage of situations.”