My Favorite Quotes
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 Gustavo Kuerten - “I feel better for not going to Acapulco, but I had hoped to be better prepared by this stage... It would be a shame to use an invitation if I am not yet in the best physical condition.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “My goal is to fully fortify and stabilize my hip again. I'll stay at the clinic for some time.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “I'm being able to practice again, which is a good sign, but I can't rush things. There's a long time before the tournament. We'll have to see how I improve.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “It's always great to play at home. I won here last year and it's great to start with a win like this today. The first match was difficult and I thought it was step in the right direction.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “At the end of the second set, it got very tight. The trainer helped me out a little bit. ... I was able to play well in the third set, but, unfortunately, I couldn't serve the same way. And that's probably the best part of my game.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “I have a lot of plans for the year and I don't want to jeopardize those by doing something foolish in one day of play.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “It was a pity this happened right now. I was ready to compete.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “I was really looking forward to playing in New Haven again, but unfortunately the pain on my neck hasn't completely gone away and I am not able to give my best on the court,”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “It was a very weird match with lots of ups and downs. I started playing very strong but couldn't keep the level I had in the first set. I need to get used to be playing at my highest again day after day, in tough matches like that. It is hard to keep my concentration, which is probably one of the most important part of the game, and the element that failed me today.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “Right now, its very tight. But, I think I expected a little bit that this would happen because playing two days ago, and even this morning, I wasn't feeling 100 percent. I was feeling a lot of tightness in my body.”
 Gustavo Kuerten - “I was feeling a lot of tightness in my body,”