My Favorite Quotes
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 John Kufuor - “With God's help and guidance, we shall soon see the end of this most unpleasant chapter in our history.”
 John Kufuor - “From today, we must learn to smile again. We must learn to appreciate the good in each other and we must feel pride in being Ghanaians.”
 John Kufuor - “We are a blessed people and, with God s guidance, our smiles might even become laughter in the not too distant future.”
 John Kufuor - “Never again should Ghanaians have to resort to dubious means to get to, or live in, foreign lands, simply to make a living.”
 John Kufuor - “Ours is not a poor country and even though we are now a poor people, there should be no room for the despondency that has settled on large sections of the population.”
 John Kufuor - “Celebrating Diversity, Learning Our Common Humanity.”
 John Kufuor - “There has been enough suffering in our country, there has been enough of children whose dreams die before they have a chance to grow and there has been enough of our elders who, having served their nation, are forced into indignity in their old age.”
 John Kufuor - “Another problem afflicting higher education is the brain drain of faculty to the more advanced parts of the world. The striking feature of this challenge is that because of poor conditions of service, faculty is not able to attract young lecturers.”
 John Kufuor - “It was professionally their duty to arrest pain, restore the body to good health and save lives. They did all that with a difference.”
 John Kufuor - “Education, particularly higher education, will take Africa into the mainstream of globalization,”