My Favorite Quotes
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 Nancy Kuhajda - “It's incredibly restorative. A lot of people find great solace in gardening. It teaches self-worth, patience, reliance, persistence. It teaches us the circle of life. It teaches us that things die, and from that new things come.”
 Nancy Kuhajda - “Every year our main goal is to focus on not only the beauty and early spring feel, but more importantly some type of practical use applications.”
 Nancy Kuhajda - “Patti is very adept at putting colors and designs together. She has a true talent for the display garden. Her ability to chose colors and textures I think she is beyond compare.”
 Nancy Kuhajda - “Our focus this year is the ability to do many types of gardening in a very small space, like someone's regular-size city lot yard or home landscape. People think they need a great deal of space, but really, small-space gardening is easy to achieve and can have a very high impact.”