My Favorite Quotes
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 Dennis Kuhl - “We were some of the first Americans who landed in Vietnam without weapons in our hands, you might say.”
 Jake Voskuhl - “We go out and play hard every single night. That's the one thing that we do every night. We may not win the game, but we play hard and have fun.”
 Jake Voskuhl - “Sometimes, you have that night when one team is rolling and it doesn't matter what you do. It's just one of those nights and when you play that many games in a season, you're going to get one of these nights. It's about moving on to the next night and the next city.”
 Jake Voskuhl - “There were no answers tonight. Sometimes you have that night when one team is rolling and it doesn't really matter what you do.”
 Ron Kuhl - “When we were preparing for this we focused on what we wanted to do. We wanted to get better at what we do. I'm disappointed, this is still a one-point night, but we'll play again and see each other again in the playoffs.”
 Ron Kuhl - “I'm disappointed with the loss, but we played the whole game and didn't let up. This was an exciting night. By playing this way, tonight, the kids showed that they're here to stay. We proved that we are a team to beat, that we are a contender.”
 Jake Voskuhl - “You can kind of see there is a lot turmoil going on (in New York). I think maybe upstairs in the organization, with the coaching staff and with the players. It kind of seems like everyone's a little frustrated with one another. I think that's kind of what you're seeing on the court. It's hard to win games when everything's divided and I think that's kind of what you're seeing right now.”
 Ron Kuhl - “We had some key injuries and made silly decisions in the beginning of the season. Lately it's been a consistent brand of hockey.”
 Dennis Kuhl - “He was a citizen of the world. He loved the world, and he loved America also.”
 Jake Voskuhl - “You could see in practice and in training camp that he's a very good player. In practice, the things you would see weren't really carrying over. Once we hit that All-Star break, he came out and kind of got on a tear. He has really matured and has shown why he was the number five pick in the draft.”
 Dennis Kuhl - “The acquisition of Radio 830 KMXE provides a new opportunity to bring play-by-play commentary and Angels game coverage to a large audience of Hispanic Major League Baseball fans. Once the transaction is complete the station's sports broadcast line-up will be expanded to a bilingual format, providing Hispanic sports enthusiasts with access to exciting regional, national and international sporting events. It will also provide an opportunity for advertisers to reach an audience with a buying power of more than 105 billion.”