My Favorite Quotes
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 Doug Kuhlmann - “Give me four weeks. Give me four weeks and call me back and I'll tell you what I think.”
 Karen Kuhlmann - “We had a huge comeback on the floor. They had a rough meet in a couple events, but I give them a lot of credit because a lot of teams would have quit. Instead, this team refocused and got the job done.”
 Doug Kuhlmann - “We're pretty fortunate at this point. We've made very few mistakes. We're not a wide-open, spread-out offense. We're trying to control the ball with high-percentage plays and move the ball down the field.”
 Karen Kuhlmann - “Our competition is so tough at the sectional meet, I felt pressure just to reach state. People were talking about repeating, and I was just worried about getting there.”
 Karen Kuhlmann - “She has grown so much. There is so much talent in that body that high school gymnastics has brought out. She is trying to carve herself a place in the gymnastics world, and right now she's on fire.”