My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Kukesh - “We changed up our defense a little bit and the kids just really played together. We took it one basket at a time.”
 Terry Kukesh - “At times we got careless, and because they are very disciplined, they took advantage of it.”
 Terry Kukesh - “We changed defensively a bit. They were trying to waste time a bit, so we needed to change up and get a little bit of pressure. It took them a little by surprise. When we got a turnover, we had to turn it into offense.”
 Terry Kukesh - “Going in, this was a big game for us record-wise. West was right there with us, and heading into the playoffs they were one of the teams we needed to beat.”
 Terry Kukesh - “She was the spark we needed tonight. That basket was such a big boost. If she could make that one, we could make any shot.”
 Terry Kukesh - “They have only one loss for a reason. Give credit to them. They took us out of our game and ran with it.”