My Favorite Quotes
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 Toni Kukoc - “I didn't sleep for a long time, especially knowing we had a chance to go all the way to the end and win a championship. We got stuck in the seventh game against New York, but just from seeing how disappointed the players were and the coaching staff, not going all the way, I realized everybody was going to be motivated. Fortunately for us, it happened three times.”
 Toni Kukoc - “It's the wrong time of the year for these things to be happening. But they're happening so we have to react as quick as possible.”
 Toni Kukoc - “I just think we're trying to do things too much as individuals. When things start going the wrong way, we're trying to save it individually and you can't do that. There's been no player ever in the NBA who could do things that way. Maybe for a game or two but not in the long run. And there will never be one like that.”
 Toni Kukoc - “They are a very experienced team and when you give them an opportunity, they know how to take it.”
 Toni Kukoc - “It is playoff time. Whoever responds and changes quicker is going to win four games and then go to the next round. So I think it's pretty much time for us to respond and make some different decisions and then win the game.”
 Toni Kukoc - “These next two games are very important. If we can win these next two games, then we can really make a race for the fifth spot.”
 Toni Kukoc - “We're going to be an important part of the plan in the game. But I don't think there are going to be too many minutes. Coach is not going to probe too much in these games. Whoever goes in has to produce right away.”
 Toni Kukoc - “In some cases, that might be OK because they might not feel any pressure. Especially when you have an opponent like Detroit. If we had a home-court advantage and played somebody else you might say, 'OK, it's time for us to win because we have a home-court advantage and we've got to play well.' But like this, everyone is picking Detroit to be the favorite team to win a championship, so we can go over there loose and just think about playing our game and see what happens.”
 Toni Kukoc - “It was a close game until that (basket) started looking like a garbage truck and whatever we threw up there went in. It looked like sometimes we didn't care who was in front of us, just as long as we let that thing go. It's fun to play that way.”
 Toni Kukoc - “It's that time of the season and we are in a (need-to-win) situation like that. As you can see it's very tight for the fifth, sixth, seventh spot for the playoffs. And whoever doesn't pay enough attention is going to watch the playoffs from home. We don't want to be one of those teams.”