My Favorite Quotes
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 Steven Kull - “Iraqis are demanding a timetable for U.S. withdrawal, and most believe that the U.S. has no plans to leave even if the new government asks them to. This appears to be leading some to even support attacks on U.S.-led troops, even though many feel they also continue to need the presence of U.S. troops awhile longer.”
 Steven Kull - “Most Americans have clearly given up on the idea that the operation in Iraq will have a Hollywood-style ending and are looking for a way out.”
 Steven Kull - “The near unanimity of this assessment among countries is remarkable in public opinion polling.”
 Steven Kull - “The challenge is as strong as ever to make the Sunnis feel they are included in Iraq's political process.”
 Steven Kull - “Most Americans do not appear to have been persuaded by President George W. Bush's ... argument that promoting democracy is a critical means for fighting terrorism and making the world safer.”
 Steven Kull - “Are people clamoring for military action at this point Definitely not.”