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 Brad Kullman - “He's got work to do to get back any skills he may have had. Just because he played there in high school before he was signed doesn't mean he's Gold Glove caliber. This will be the focus for him in Spring Training.”
 Brad Kullman - “We feel that Kearns is going to be part of the solution here. We want him to be in right field. He's a potential Gold Glove winner, and his bat can help this team win.”
 Brad Kullman - “He fits in with the other guys we have down there. He's a good guy that's been around and knows how to prepare and pitch.”
 Brad Kullman - “We're glad to have it behind us. I hate going through the hearings. We're glad we got it done with Felipe.”
 Brad Kullman - “To go through a hearing process at this time, we wanted to avoid that at all costs, and we were successful in the end so we're thankful for that. It's a nice raise for him.”
 Brad Kullman - “It's not a very active time right now. A few teams are making deals, as people can see, but a lot of teams aren't really in that mode.”
 Brad Kullman - “We have no active talks going on involving Austin Kearns, and we have no plans to trade him.”
 Brad Kullman - “It's a very subjective game, and you've got to have people around you that you know and can trust and count on. I respect that part of the game and understand it, but it doesn't make it any easier.”
 Brad Kullman - “We've been having talks with his agent off and on all winter. I wanted to try and put some closure on it.”
 Brad Kullman - “We worked hard the last couple years to try and help him recover from a gruesome ankle injury, develop consistency and mature on the field and off the field, and he's made tremendous progress. We're really proud of how far he came to have the year he had last year and we're hopeful he can build upon that and continue to grow into a better major league player. He'll be a big part of what we do going forward.”
 Brad Kullman - “He gives our lineup a different feel. At the plate, maybe he's not what he was a few years ago. But he's still one of the top offensive forces in the game. Pitchers don't like facing him.”
 Brad Kullman - “It's always surprising. You work so hard for an organization. People say nice things about you, and then this happens.”
 Brad Kullman - “I can tell you I have called 29 other teams, and all of our special assistants are flying in tonight to start two days of meetings. . . . Were going to take a fresh look at everything.”
 Brad Kullman - “He may force our hand to make the club and could help this team.”
 Brad Kullman - “We've spent a lot of time on both of them, and we will redouble our efforts on the Adam Dunn front to reach a conclusion one way or another. We've had detailed discussions and they've laid out their thought process in great detail, which we appreciate. We need to try and reach some type of middle ground.”