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 Ashok Kumar - “For the foreseeable future, Dell will remain an 'Intel only' house.”
 Vinod Kumar - “will be in the market for the foreseeable future.”
 Anil Kumar - “We are waiting for project clearance for 100 billion rupees for an integrated township near Delhi. It is from a state government.”
 Ramapati Kumar - “India is being used as a dumping ground. The French government has taken a very arrogant approach. They have cheated, misled and lied.”
 Subodh Kumar - “What they're looking at is the rate increases by the Fed, and probably the other central banks, should result in somewhat slower inflation pressures and slower consumer growth in the U.S., which markets would like to see.”
 Ashok Kumar - “possibility of modest upside to current 4-8 percent quarter-over-quarter revenue-growth guidance.”
 Subodh Kumar - “The market is now factoring in that first-quarter earnings will likely be below consensus. And the reality is that economic growth is probably going to be between 3.5 percent and 4 percent, which is good but maybe not as strong as what some people were hoping for.”
 Subodh Kumar - “With close to 20 per cent of the SP 500 companies having reported, year-over-year operating earnings growth for the third quarter at 14.9 per cent appears in line (versus above consensus for recent quarters) but still good,”
 Ashok Kumar - “As we indicated earlier, we believe the company's guidance of 30 percent revenue growth is not even remotely realistic,”
 Arun Kumar - “Growth must come from below. Growth coming from above will see a lot of fluctuations,”
 Ashok Kumar - “Due to continued unexpected demand weakness, we now expect sequential unit growth in the mid-single digits, which is well below consensus expectations.”
 Ashok Kumar - “For the full year, we now expect unit growth just under 20 percent. The stock could slowly start discounting product and demand stimulus in the second half of calendar 2001.”
 Ashok Kumar - “The compression in the valuation discounts the slowdown in secular growth rate for Dell,”
 Ashok Kumar - “Intel reflects the heart of the PC industry. Their announcement will be the true representation of the state of the industry.”
 Ram Kumar - “Most passengers were asleep when the accident took place. I was also asleep on my seat. Suddenly I heard a loud thud and I fell down from my seat. I was unconscious and later, when I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital bed.”
 Ajay Kumar - “The hotel later registered a complaint and arrested them by tracing their calls.”
 Ashok Kumar - “If fundamentals do not deteriorate in the December quarter, the stock should bounce back to the two-year line, in the 43-to-44 area. If its outlook continues to improve, over the next six months we expect the stock to fill the gap in the 50-to-55 area.”
 Ramapati Kumar - “India is not a dumping ground for France.”
 Senthil Kumar - “E-Cinema is what is going to be appropriate for countries like India.”
 Senthil Kumar - “Piracy can be completely prevented when the entire industry goes digital.”
 Subodh Kumar - “The mood in the stock markets is constructive and today's report, showing that inflation remains benign, is helping to take away some fears of further aggressive rate rises.”
 Subodh Kumar - “The Fed is close to finished with raising rates. Inflation in the U.S. is moderate.”
 Ajay Kumar - “We had received information about their movement and three of them were arrested Feb 5 while the fourth member was arrested Tuesday evening after a brief encounter.”
 Ajay Kumar - “We had received information about their movements and had laid a trap to nab them.”
 Senthil Kumar - “Our approach of solving complex technology problems in financial institutions through a wide array of products and services is getting increasingly accepted,”

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