My Favorite Quotes
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 Ranjana Kumari - “What do you do in a situation where you know if you stay back in the house, you may be abused sexually There may be a possibility of you not even surviving, not even getting a meal to eat.”
 Ranjana Kumari - “I think it's in a way very shocking that social relations are not changing in a fast-growing economy. All this modernization, liberalization, globalization -- all this modern economy -- and the people are not changing. The mindset is so rigid.”
 Ranjana Kumari - “It's shocking it has taken this long. But it's very difficult to collect evidence as neither parents who have gone for sex tests nor doctors who lust for the money will speak out about it.”
 Ranjana Kumari - “In 12 years of the law being in force, this is the first time the government has taken action.”