My Favorite Quotes
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 Matthew Kumin - “The manufacturers are looking for more innovative ways to market. They're increasingly looking for word of mouth opportunities and other nontraditional means.”
 Matthew Kumin - “The initial opportunities are around traditional banner ad inventory. Ultimately there's a lot of opportunity in social networking to get into more unique marketing opportunities. Some of that is letting marketers connect with users who have similar interests and speaking with them in the kind of environment they like interacting with.”
 Matthew Kumin - “Since introducing the first automotive destination on the Internet more than ten years ago, we've put a lot of effort into creating a functional, intuitive Web site. We intend to continue applying innovative technology and motivating our talented employees in order to stay ahead of the competition.”
 Maxine Kumin - “We are, each of us, our own prisoner. We are locked up in our own story.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Everything pays for growing tame.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Cherish your wilderness.”
 Maxine Kumin - “With the poem, I reach out to an audience equally at odds with official policy, and I celebrate our mutual humanness in an inhuman world.”
 Maxine Kumin - “To write about the monstrous sense of alienation the poet feels in this culture of polarized hatreds is a way of staying sane.”
 Maxine Kumin - “The time on either side of now stands fast.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Something went crabwise across the snow this morning.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Our daughters and sons have burst from the marionette show leaving a tangle of strings and gone into the unlit audience.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Love, we are a small pond.”
 Maxine Kumin - “It is said to begin with the father.”
 Maxine Kumin - “I took the lake between my legs.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Here on the drawing board fingers and noses leak from the air brush maggots lie under if i should die before if i should die in the back room stacked up in smooth boxes like soapflakes or tunafish wait the undreamt of.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Can it be I am the only Jew residing in Danville, Kentuchy, looking for matzoh in the Safeway and the A P”
 Maxine Kumin - “And the ponds stillness nippled as if by rain instead is pocked with life.”
 Maxine Kumin - “This dwelt in me who does not know me now, where in her labyrinth I cannot follow, advance to be recognized, displace her terror I hold my heartbeat on my lap and cannot comfort her. Tonight she is condemned to cry out wolf or werewolf, and it echoes in the gulf and no one comes to cradle cold Narcissus the first cell that divided separates us.”
 Maxine Kumin - “Meanwhile let us cast one shadow in air and water.”