My Favorite Quotes
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 James Kunke - “What we have now is basically 68 million worth of projects that were recommended. Most of them were streets and there were a few million dollars for the jail.”
 James Kunke - “If we get a better interest rate, great. If we get a lower interest rate or a worse interest rate, we will have to cut back on the number a little bit but we've got some flexibility built in with that.”
 James Kunke - “We're just changing the name to better reflect the wider array of the services they perform.”
 James Kunke - “It does concern us that a thoughtless or even malicious act like this could hurt the lake for 50 years.”
 James Kunke - “This is a common decision among cities that reach a certain size population.”
 James Kunke - “The committee will determine what type of tourism market is most prominent in Lewisville, and then plan what steps to take and in what order to draw more tourism and make more people eat at our restaurants and shop at our businesses.”
 James Kunke - “The intent of the plan is to determine where Lewisville should put its attention in terms of tourism.”