My Favorite Quotes
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 Dale Kunkel - “Their sexual knowledge, attitudes, behaviors are all shaped in part by the characters in stories that television conveys.”
 Mark Kunkel - “I think this is a great opportunity for us. We need to start looking at ways to change how we're handling garbage. This would help keep rates down and save the environment.”
 Mark Kunkel - “What works for one town may not work for another town. We want to give everybody in Plymouth County the opportunity to recycle.”
 Dale Kunkel - “It's not surprising that this format has worked internationally. What's surprising is that others haven't followed their model.”
 Mark Kunkel - “You can use some of the grant dollars to get this program started, and hopefully you'll get enough weight coming in that it takes over on its own. Then the savings you make will pay for the transportation.”
 Dale Kunkel - “Young children are uniquely vulnerable to commercial persuasion.”
 Dale Kunkel - “We are not saying TV is to blame for this phenomenon. But research is indicating that TV has an impact.”