My Favorite Quotes
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 Heather Kunkle - “Again, I want to emphasize that we appreciate the work of state police, but we're hoping this additional telephone number will generate more information and result in an arrest.”
 Heather Kunkle - “We just want some closure in my brother's death. Again, we're asking anyone with any information at all that might be related to this hit-and-run accident to come forward.”
 Heather Kunkle - “We thank Pennsylvania State Police for everything they have done so far in the investigation of my brother's death. But we're fearful some people who have information may be withholding information because they are fearful of coming forward (to police).”
 Heather Kunkle - “We took care of each other in life ... he protected his sisters and we'll take care of each other in death. I have no doubt Sean would have done this for us.”