My Favorite Quotes
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 John Kupsch - “Our goal with the What Women Want Auto Study is to help car manufacturers best to cater to the needs of their female consumers.”
 John Kupsch - “It's very important to attach it to the wall, preferably to a stud or construction number, so that when a child leans on it or puts some force onto it, it doesn't tip over on top of them or crush them.”
 John Kupsch - “When you're looking for a furniture device, go low. Buy something that's typically 30 inches or less. And before you buy the piece or TV, whether it's a TV stand or a bookcase or a dresser, make sure that when you pull the drawers out, or when you open the doors, or push on the shelves, it isn't wobbly or unstable.”
 John Kupsch - “These safety features started out as technological advances available only on luxury cars. Now, they are coming available as a standard feature.”
 John Kupsch - “Each year, there are about 10,000 injuries associated with falling furniture in the home. Most of these arise from children being curious, climbing on TV stands, bookcases or dressers to reach their favorite toy, to see their favorite television station up close, or to push some buttons.”