My Favorite Quotes
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 Sel Kuralay - “She (India) is an incredible talent. India is a complete player. She is a tremendous athlete with a lot of pace. She is very skillful as well. We can read each other really well. She knows exactly what I am going to do and what ball I am expecting. Sometimes I don't even see her but I know where she is going to be making her runs and where she is going. There is a good understanding there that usually takes time to develop. We got on the same page quickly. It is awesome playing with her.”
 Sel Kuralay - “I tried to take advantage of that opportunity and get it in the back of the net. I hadn't scored in a couple of games, so it felt good to score that one to help my team win. Hopefully, it will motivate me to keep playing hard.”
 Sel Kuralay - “India has something that you just can't develop. Having pace is a gift. It is going to put defenders on their back foot. Having someone like India running at you is a defender's biggest fear. She not only has the ability to take people on with her pace but also her technical ability. That is an awesome combination.”
 Sel Kuralay - “We were quite positive after the Maryland goal because we know we have the potential and ability to get one back. Fortunately, we got it back in the second half and it went from there. The confidence started to build and a significant part of that was getting an early goal in the second half.”