My Favorite Quotes
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 Rep. Kurk - “Some have said privacy is dead. I hope that is not so.”
 Rep. Kurk - “This is designed to deal with the problem of personal privacy in the information age.”
 Rep. Kurk - “There are times, Mr. Speaker, when we must look beyond the mundane and the pragmatic and take a stand based on our values. I believe this is one of those times...I don't believe the people of New Hampshire elected us to help the federal government create a national ID card.”
 Rep. Kurk - “We fired the shot that will be heard around the nation. What we need to do is to say no to the federal government - and not just in New Hampshire, but in many other states.”
 Rep. Kurk - “There was an understanding on the part of the Legislature that this was a one-time thing. People may need to adjust their lifestyles and the way they live their lives to pay for this.”
 Rep. Kurk - “The war on our civil liberties is actually begun. There's a price to be paid for independence. But I ask you, what price-- liberty”