My Favorite Quotes
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 Rob Kurz - “We did a good job of pressuring the ball and communicating and rotating and playing through screens.”
 Carl Kurz - “What's unique to Bikes Not Bombs is that it combines local and international efforts. It's about solidarity, bringing two worlds together.”
 Rob Kurz - “He's got so much toughness at the end of the game. He's always willing the take the big shot, and most of the time he hits them.”
 Jerry Kurz - “We're excited about it, but it's depending upon their being an available space. If Coffey continues on and doesn't leave the market, we'll be disappointed. But we'll look to next year. This is our 20th year, so we've been around a long time and we will be around a long time.”
 Carl Kurz - “Successes are successes and failures are failures we've definitely had our share of both, but we're reaching more donors and volunteers all the time.”
 Rob Kurz - “We're on a roll right now. We can't wait to play another game.”
 Max Kurz - “Its almost like playtime for them. We cant hold them back. There is one in particular that always wants to cut in front of the other penguins, so that he can walk across the mat first. Its pretty cute.”
 Carl Kurz - “Sixty percent of the funds are from grassroots fundraising like the Bike-a-thon. We have 14,000 people in our database who have donated something, and we call and ask them to give again. They usually do.”
 Rob Kurz - “We wanted to come out and make a statement.”
 Max Kurz - “We can envision a scenario where elderly may be able to put their walkers or canes down because they've learned to make the same adjustments in their walking patterns. This research may aid in developing a way to teach those people how to walk more efficiently despite their side-to-side motion, to learn the same kind of stability as the penguin.”
 Carl Kurz - “Bikes have magic. I think bikes are one of the keys to human survival.”
 Rob Kurz - “Sometimes a team that might not get in the tournament like some of the teams in the NIT might come in with a little something to prove, and that can work either way. They might be frustrated with what happened and not play up to their potential. Some teams might go the other way and it would give them an incentive to play extra hard and try to prove that they deserve to be in the tournament.”
 Jerry Kurz - “The addition (of Everett, Spokane and Stockton) gives us a nice footprint in the western part of the country.”
 Jerry Kurz - “We've been wanting for a great period of time to move into the Pacific Northwest. It's gorgeous country, great sports country and they're great sports fans. When they see our product they'll really take to our game.”
 Max Kurz - “Maybe it could extend to stroke or other pathological patients who have an increased incidence of falls and an inability to control locomotion.”
 Carl Kurz - “The point is to get the business up and running, so they have the option of staying local or continuing to buy and ship parts from the U.S.. The projects in Ghana recently paid to receive three containers of parts from the Bikes Not Bombs in the U.S.”
 Rob Kurz - “We've got the biggest week of our basketball lives.”
 Max Kurz - “Compared to other terrestrial animals, penguins have an excessive amount of side-to-side, waddling motion. If humans waddle too much they fall, but penguins somehow overcome this. They may have an elegant movement strategy for stability that we're unaware of.”
 Carl Kurz - “Since all the bikes are donated to BNB in the U.S., we only charge the head of the business for the shipping costs and a 10 percent administration fee.”