My Favorite Quotes
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 Janet Kushmerek - “If someone has the slightest interest in joining our group, no matter how inexperienced, she should really come and try us out. You don't have to know how to read music, or even be a great singer we'll teach you.”
 Janet Kushmerek - “We sing in bass, baritone, tenor and lead. Our music is written for those four parts no alto, no soprano, just pure 1920s barbershop harmony.”
 Janet Kushmerek - “We sing a variety of songs many people already know, songs like 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight,' 'Carolina in the Morning,' 'Get Happy' and many more, all written and adapted to our style of singing.”
 Janet Kushmerek - “Florida has the 2004 international championship quartet they are called, 'The Buzz,' so this region really does very well in competition.”