My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Kusnerick - “Stewart is a good player and he makes the other kids around him so much better.”
 Chris Kusnerick - “We saw some good things (Friday) against Granite and I saw kind of a carryover tonight, which was good to see. Maybe we're starting to get on the same page and really jelling at the right time.”
 Chris Kusnerick - “That was huge. When the whistle blew, I thought we were at least going to be shooting a free throw.”
 Chris Kusnerick - “We like the idea we're playing at home. That was something we wanted to shoot for. Now we have to take advantage of it. We have a good opportunity. But you don't get to Friday unless you win (Tuesday).”
 Chris Kusnerick - “We needed to get a bucket there. We were trying to get Alex some touches and Darius stepped up. It was good to see Darius, as a senior should, go out and make a play for us.”
 Chris Kusnerick - “The officials took us out of the game in the second quarter. I got (the technical) and they had 12 to 14 points from the free-throw line. But the kids stayed focused and got after them in the third quarter and re-established control.”
 Chris Kusnerick - “There's no way we're going to be able to beat them if that happens again. We've got to play smart and take care of the ball. The biggest keys will be rebounding and turnovers.”
 Chris Kusnerick - “They're very capable. They're kind of unconscious at times. They're scary because we knew we couldn't guard them man-to-man. We've got OK quickness, but they've got great quickness with the speed they can put on the floor.”
 Chris Kusnerick - “I just sat and watched. At times, there was bad basketball on both teams' part, but this was better than going 2-2 and having to ride home for three hours like Lincoln.”