My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Kusnetzky - “Apple has been strong in coming out with products based on how people use their products, but part of their success is in going beyond what people want right now. They also think about what people might want in the future.”
 Daniel Kusnetzky - “Microsoft has gotten to a size where it's almost impossible to outgrow the market. The surprising 60 to 70 percent growth period is over.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “What's new is that someone built a whole operating system, not tools or subsystems.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “Just because an operating environment is available on a volume hardware platform does not necessarily mean that it will become a volume product itself. It all depends upon the portfolio of applications, development tools and services available.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “It's sort of a one-way process that makes it difficult to do migration and interoperability. If you're doing much rewriting of your code for COM, you can't write to COM there. If you're writing Active Directory applications, Active Directory apps can't run on NT 4.0.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “Apple focuses pretty strongly on innovating by thinking about how people use their products, and also what consumers want from the products. There can sometimes be a gap between those two, and that's where they concentrate.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “Linux is seen by many to have a strong opportunity in the embedded operating environments market.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “It looks like they are going to ask developers to have to rewrite applications to use some of the features of the new system. If I'm a developer with a limited budget and am told I'm going to have to make major changes, or even minor changes, to my applications to keep up with Apple's operating system, I'm probably going to write for Windows and not for Mac.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “Linux is at the starting gate. Shipment numbers look good, but on the revenue side you see a clearer picture of its enterprise value.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “It might be possible to host a whole operating environment and a complete stack of software that performs some needed function in a virtual machine that runs on another operating environment. While this is workable, it may not perform well, be reliable, or be supportable for some other reason.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “At this point, the perception is that Linux is viable (only) for servers.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “This approach to development is highly responsive to changes to the environment. Systems Solutions brings together the best of breed open-source operating systems and collaboration software so customers experience a straightforward solution that is flexible and cost effective.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “This announcement addresses three major industry trends organizations' focus on cost reduction strategies, organizations' need to find measurable value for IT investments in a very short order, and organizations' need to allow their staff members to collaborate with one another from wherever they are, using whatever network enabled device they choose. Customers deploying open source software in a virtual machine can reduce their software and hardware costs, and simultaneously enhance their agility in addressing future computing needs.”
 Daniel Kusnetzky - “Unless Microsoft can prove that Windows 2000 is all of those things -- highly interoperable, consistent and reliable -- they can damage themselves and lock themselves out of the computer room for the next decade.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “We are starting to see the growth of companion devices that sit side-by-side with the desktop systems. It is looking more likely that this is where Linux will find a place.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “If what Apple provides as a hardware platform is interesting to the open-source community, it would not surprise me very much that a group of people will find a way to port Linux to that hardware in short order.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “This could be just about Oracle buying an installed base they can sell more software and services to. But I don't know if the open-source community feels comfortable being purchased, or if they see Oracle as an acceptable custodian of the code base they have contributed to.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “Apple's shipment numbers do not represent a clear picture of the company's opportunity.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “It is clear that organizations are looking at ways to cut costs and make sure their investments offer immediate value. Virtualization helps them achieve those goals by aggregating the workloads handled by older machines on a bigger machine.”
 Daniel Kusnetzky - “Their challenge is to become a good corporate citizen, which means not always being the star of the show but being a supporting player. That might mean sometimes standing under the spotlight at other times it means taking a seat in the orchestra pit.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “IBM is trying to ride this horse along with all the other horses it's riding and not fall off any of them. This is a great circus act.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “Apple knows that even with this Intel chip switch, it's not going to go around talking about chips and what's inside the box. The company builds on the differentiation it's already found from its software, which combines with the design of the machine.”
 Dan Kusnetzky - “We're talking about a small slice of the movie-viewing public. But it's a growing audience.”