My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Kutler - “Boeing is going through a period of record growth in their commercial airline build rates and they have an awful lot on their plate. And so I think it's great that they've finally got around to making these decisions, getting past them and moving on.”
 Jon Kutler - “Their biggest issue is What do they want to be in the next stage of their growth”
 Jon Kutler - “We are clearly at or near an all-time high in prices for defense companies in the U.S.. One could argue they shouldn't be in a hurry.”
 Jon Kutler - “We're actually treading on some new territory because certainly nobody wants this to develop into a global trade war. What they could do in order to enforce any type of mandate on the merger is do things like levy fines.”
 Jon Kutler - “Usually they only come into favor for a couple a years a decade, and I'm going back three decades on that,”
 Jon Kutler - “We're getting to the time in the cycle where there are very few contractors, especially at the prime contractor level. And, because of that, they have a significant amount of control over the process,”
 Jon Kutler - “I think this is good news for Boeing in terms of what's going on in Asia. Boeing cannot get airplanes out the door fast enough to service the domestic market.”