My Favorite Quotes
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 Gregory Kutz - “They are really not weapons of mass destruction, they are weapons of mass disruption. They wouldn't necessarily have enough radiation to kill anyone, but they could require the shutdown of potentially large parts of the city.”
 Gregory Kutz - “There's a lot of heavy lifting required to put an effective fraud prevention system in place by this summer. It will take years. You need to have a mechanism in place and field test it. FEMA doesn't have one.”
 Gregory Kutz - “It was a system that was wide open to fraud. All you had to do was call FEMA on the telephone and lie, and you could get money. It was just a question of how many people were willing to make false statements.”
 Greg Kutz - “The kind of waste we are talking about is a trip to London that cost taxpayers 7,000 for premium class that, if it had been a coach trip, would have cost 700.”
 Gregory Kutz - “We found weak or non-existent controls in the process that (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) used to approve assistance payments that leave the federal government vulnerable to fraud and abuse.”
 Gregory Kutz - “The bottom line ... is that weak or nonexistent controls leave the government vulnerable to substantial fraud and abuse.”
 Greg Kutz - “NASA's financial management challenges impact its ability to not only prepare financial statements but, more importantly, to effectively manage its contractors and major programs.”